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How to insert ID3 tag into RTSP output stream

We are making use of Wowza Streaming Engine and we have requirement of inserting the ID3 tags into HLS as well as RTSP output streams. The link contains the code for appending the ID3 tag to the appropriate chunk in the HLS stream’s .m3u8 HLS playlist.

However I couldn’t find any link for inserting the ID3 tags into RTSP stream, Is there any example or blog for inserting/appending ID3 tag to RTSP stream (similar to the above one).

I have gone through the but this requires a new Stream Target to be configured. So this doesn’t satisfy our requirement of inserting the ID3 tags directly into the RTSP output stream.

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Thank you for sharing the docs you researched and what you are looking to accomplish. Wowza does not currently support adding metadata tracks to the RTSP stream. It is available for HLS and MPEG-TS at this time. It’s not a request that we get very often, so it most likely won’t be a supported feature in the near future. There’s not a well-defined way to include this type of data in an RTP packet, I am told.