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How to install Wowza 4.8.0 on Linux via Terminal

How do you install Wowza Streaming Engine via Cpanel Terminal on Linux? The Wowza Documentation lists two commands which I have copied and pasted below

"sudo chmod +x
sudo ./WowzaStreamingEngine-4.8.0-linux-x64-"

But the documentation doesn’t clarify if the two commands would be run together, or one by one. It also does not tell us which folder to place the installation file. Please could anyone help with a precise step by step guide on installing the Engine on Linux? Thanks in advance.

Yea, I asked the question, but I’ve been able to solve my issues, turns out I didn’t have root access on the server, hence the reason why the commands didn’t work. Also you type the commands, one after the other. You will be prompted for your password after entering the first command. While you type the password it won’t actually show the password, or give any indication that it is even accepting input, but don’t worry, it is. When you enter the correct password and press enter, then you can input the second command.

Thanks for coming back and answering your question Nipo.

ideallyyou should be in root or su to root

Then wget the file…you get the path by right click on the Download and copy link.


Next issue the commands one by one…

If you prefer to issue both at once…saperate them with a “;”…