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How to integrate PHP win Wowza?

Hello! More than 2 years I have one question: how can I manipulate from PHP lang Wowza? On first step, I need to publish/unpublish streams, start|stop record. Or, if we speak in general, I need to know some wowza api. Can I send from php function some params in url to publish stream (like in record ) ? Or, maybe, more right variant is.

How can i send commands to wowza from php?

For ex, on web site my user want to add ip camera. He add ip address of the camera of link of rtsp and this string will be add to database. User mark this streaming as online and camera streaming. When user mark video as offline, camera don’t stream, but it’s not delete from db. I know how write this part, but I don’t understand how can connect from php to wowza, how manipulate streams after connection with php function. Sorry for this confusion. If some parts of this question will be unclear, I’ll try to describe it fully. Thank you!


It is possible to create custom HTTP listeners that would accept an http request from an outside client/application. You can configure your HTTP listenet to work with a custom Wowza module and implement your desired workflow.

Please take a look at the “HTTP PROVIDERS” forum section where you can find several examples and code samples of different HTTP listeners.



Currently, Wowza is able to push an Apple HLS stream to the Akamai CDN only, using the Push Publishing functionality. Here is the direct link to the Apple HLS push to Akamai instructions.

Wowza can also be configured to work as an HTTP caching origin. You will need to check if you can configure IIS to work as a delivery server for the content originating from your Wowza server.


I have question. Wowza gives a publishing point (pull point) for HLS streams. It does not have the Push mechanism as of yet I think. Can IIS server pull from Wowza? If so, how should it be done?

Zoran, thank you a lot! It’s that thing that I searched. But I’m not java programmer. And Wowza is installed on linux server without gui. I don’t know how develop modules for wowza. In recording this thing is realized. For ex. http://[username]:[password]@[wowza-ip-address]:8086/livestreamrecord?app=live&streamname=myStream&action=startRecording

It will be great lucky for me, if I can send params in url like this http://[username]:[password]@[wowza-ip-address]:8086/livestreampublish?app=live&streamname=myStream&action=startPublish

This builded module I didn’t find. But in ideal I wanted to save all info about published, recorded streams in database, for ex mysql or postgresql. Is it possible? :slight_smile: It will be cool and easy to manipulate the streams. Because save “connection string” in files, in ip cameras case, not good. For ex. if I have more that 1k ip cameras and want to make it automatic(edit ip of camera if id address changed, unpublish stream if user want to delete his camera). By the way, I know only 2 variants how can I publish cameras. First, it’s web interface, and second (now I use it) http listener that is monitoring the folder and if file this string created it publish automatic on wowza.

Zoran thank you, once again! I hope that I find answers on my questions. Thank you!