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How to integrate sharepoint with wowza streaming engine?

My company portal is using a on-prem sharepoint 2010 server. We want to put training videos on sharepoint so that employees are able to watch them on Sharepoint. To avoid directly uploading videos on Sharepoint server, causing storage pressure to sharepoint server, we want to stream the videos from our own media server running wowza streaming engine.

Thus, we want to know how to integrate sharepoint with wowza streaming engine(on-prem)

@Daniel Yeung

This worked for me in a similar environment: Create a file storage area visible to your Wowza server. In your vod app settings, you can specify this storage area as the source for your on-demand content. From there, you can setup a page based on one of the templates provided with your installation and add it to a SharePoint Document Library. I customized our player page to retrieve the app name and video file name from the query string. The HTML file that I created can be embedded in SharePoint pages inside a Page Viewer Web Part.

Of course all this is going away when we move to SharePoint in the cloud, but this system worked well for quite a long time on SP2010!