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How to integrate video on webapage

Hello ,

We have a web portal developed in php. Through this portal, we have 2 main categories of diffusion namely the VOD and the LIVE. We have a difficulty to point video and live hosted on the Wowza server in order to allow the final users to easily read the videos through the web interface (portal) without the need to install additional plugins or applications (Video players) installed on their machine or terminals.
And we would like to know how to integrate the searches of the videos installed in the server and display them on an HTML page and / or PHP.
Regarding the player, we note that the one we use, JW PLAYER ( only allows to play a single video with the key that JW PLAYER gives, so how to do View more than two videos with the same key that JW PLAYER gives us.

Hello @Herve EGNAKOU,

The search would have to be done through some kind of database on the backend that would reflect the available live and vod sources on Wowza Engine.

The results from the search would be presented as a clickable link that would bring up a page with JW Player pointed to the content.

Regarding JW Player keys, this would not be something we can assist with here.


Alex C.

The search function can be used combined with mysql/php. You will store all yourstreams (+data) in the database i assume?

What do you want to show? Can you be a bit more specific?
From what i see from your post:
You have a search function (php/mysql) to search your videos

With php you get them out your mysql and want to wrap the found video in a jwplayer div?

You can all do that with the same license key within jwplayer. 

When you want to put multiple players on the same page just make sure that every div has unique player id, thats it.