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How to Keep HTTP streaming alive?

We’re using our own scheduler and encoder to stream videos to Wowza.

We have a software switch that enables the streamer to stream a playlist of files back to back, so that they don’t stop the player, like Flash or VLC between clips.

This works fine with RSTP and RTMP protocols.

But with HTTP streaming (to Apple devices), the first 2 clips in a playlist stream back to back, but the third clip always shuts down the Apple video player in the iPhone. If we have Is there something we can do to make sure the stream keeps playing like it does when we stream from Wowza using RSTP and RTMP protocols?

Thx, Walter.


Look for encoding differences between the clips where the transition fails. Try to eliminate as much difference as possible, ideally they should be exact same video and audio encoding parameters, so the client doesn’t know the difference.


Can you run a test on development server that shows this failure: First delete the contents of the current access log, then restart Wowza, then start the stream, then playback on a iOS device until it fails.

Also for this test, add this Property:

Then zip up conf and logs and send to

We might not be able to fix it, but maybe see what is happening.

Include a link to this thread.


Here’s what we’re doing Richard… we’re playing a playlist of files and transcoding these files in real time… then streaming that to Wowza.

So, all of the videos are the same.

Again, this stream works fine when called from with RTMP and RTSP from Wowza… it just doesn’t work properly with HTTP streaming.

So we’re wondering if there are settings to keep the stream alive?

Thx, Walter.

Thx Richard, I’ll try, but so far we’ve seen nothing in the logs.


Nothing in the logs Richard. But we found we’re good if we keep the clips longer than 3 minutes.

Thx, Walter.