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how to make 2 tracks stay in the same group on DASH?

manifes.txt <- mpd file by DASH playback URL

May I ask for your help, please? I am using my created Transcoder presets to encode a 720p and a 240p video to stream out to audience mobile. However, those videos formats are not on the same group (adaption set) in mpd file (for DASH). Please give me an advice to fix it, it is urgent. Thank you so much for your help.

Log during android app debug:

D/EventLogger: tracksChanged [0.34, 21.06, window=0, period=0, Renderer:0 [

Group:0, adaptive_supported=N/A [ D/EventLogger: [X] Track:0, id=p0va0br2640000, mimeType=video/hevc, bitrate=2640000, codecs=hvc1.1.2.L93.B0, res=1280x720, fps=20.0, supported=YES ]

Group:1, adaptive_supported=N/A [ [ ] Track:0, id=p0va1br512000, mimeType=video/hevc, bitrate=512000, codecs=hvc1.1.2.L60.B0, res=320x240, fps=20.0, supported=YES ]

p.s. I have already put all encoding presets into a [stream name group].

Hi @Oscar WONG, you mentioned an Android app debug, are you using our Android SDK in this workflow? If so, our SDK only supports HLS playback and not DASH.

Otherwise, have you tested the stream in our DASH test player?

@Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

  1. I am using Google ExoPlayer API to play the DASH stream, it supports “adaptive streaming”. However, as I mentioned, the tracks (720p or 240p) are not in the same adaptation set on the generated mpd file during a live stream.

  2. I have tested the DASH playback, both tracks are okay. So, the only problem is about “separated adaptation set in mpd file, and ExoPlayer cannot switch between them”.

Therefore, how to make 2 tracks stay in the same group (same adaptation set) for the mpd file on DASH playback?

Hi @Oscar WONG. Ok so I have some advice for you. You should not have these showing up in different adaptation sets as you know. Did you notice that you have two different aspect ratios when they should all have the same?

For the 720, you have par = "16:9: and for the 240 it’s “4:3”. When you have two different aspect ratios, it will generate two adaptation sets. Do you want to fix that and let me know what happens?

Here is a screenshot of what a template should look like: