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How to make .sdp file?

On this page, there is a direction;

  1. Consult your encoder’s documentation and configure an outgoing stream and send it to the IP address of the server running Wowza Server. From the encoder software or interface generate an SDP file that describes the stream. Give it the name myStream.sdp and copy it to the [install-dir]/content folder.

I cannot find the way to make .sdp file by using flash media live encoder.

Can anyone teach me how to make .sdp file?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re publishing to Wowza using FMLE you do not need to use a .sdp file. Follow the directions in this tutorial, specifically the part “to publish using RTMP based encoder”:

There you see: “Stream Name: myStream.sdp”. However, note that FMLE does not actually create an .sdp file. You could call the stream just “myStream”.

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for your information, I’ve done it!

For beginner like me,

Where I wrote the stream name on FMLE is;

"Encodeing Options"tab - “Panel Options:Output” - “Stream to flash media server” - “Stream” .