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How to make stream file/property/ Apple HLS cupertinoPacketDeliveryTime value fixed default to all stream files with api?

With the wowza api service for which we created the source broadcasts, we can print hls automatically by printing stream files, the broadcasts were constantly freezing in the interval of 2 to 3 seconds,

The cause of the freezing problem is fixed by setting the Apple HLS ( cupertinoPacketDeliveryTime) time to 750 in the stream files/properties tab, but this can only be done manually,

Since we automatically pull and print our source broadcasts with the API, more than 100 broadcast stream files are added within 24 hours, and the broadcasts take a maximum of 2 hours, and then they are automatically automatically deleted with the API,

url format of our stream file source feeds:

we delete this part,

To change the cupertinoPacketDeliveryTime value in the stream file/property to the source url

htt ps://

We save as

then the stream file/property/Apple HLS appears,

we save it as cupertinoPacketDeliveryTime 750,

again on behalf of the main source, this time

after saving as

broadcasts freezing problem is removed,

Since we print hundreds of streaming files daily with API, it is not possible for us to manually enter each broadcast and change this value,

What can I do to add this cupertinoPacketDeliveryTime value while adding our flow files with automatic api,

for this value - add custom property - or is there a module, is there a .xml config file so that it can be done by default

We have been trying to solve this problem for 2 weeks, we could not find a solution, I did not come across a similar issue in the documents or in the forum, I am waiting for your help from your valuable experience, thank you in advance.

cupertinoPacketDeliveryTime Sounds like a property to me. Have you tried setting it on the application via wse manager ? Similar to this ?