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How to manually configure "Enable Stream Targets" for an application?

Hello, we are installing our Wowza server on a custom docker image and when the image restarts we find that the Application Stream Targets are disabled and we must manually enable them. I have not been able to find the place where this is configured in the config files. Where can I set an app’s stream targets to be enabled without going through the Manager web app? Is it an Application.xml setting or something similar?

Hi @Dan_Farrow, so in the Engine Manager, when you enable a “stream target”, that is actually creating a push publish map. That’s what stream targets used to be called and it’s the same thing as push publish under the hood in Engine.

So, I can share with you a few docs that will help you know how to go the Push Publish route since you need to avoid doing this in the Engine manager,

It’s possible to enable/disable Stream Targets via REST API. As per our article:

Enable push publishing in the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API

Sample map file entries for Stream Target destinations (push publishing)

Editing the push publishing map file

Just curious why not use the wowza engine manger for this ?

Wowza must start in a ready state and not need manual configuration as we will spin up these Docker images as needed. Also, we need the Wowza Docker image to come up and be ready to work if it restarts for some reason WITHOUT needing manual intervention.

The answer from Rose was very straightforward, to “Enable” the Stream Targets you have to add the ModulePushPublish module entry to the Application.xml file.

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Glad it helped! Let me know what else you may need Dan.