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How to mix shoutcast stream and local mp4 video for radio station

I have a shoutcast stream link.
I have a local mp4 video in my content folder. (content/animation.mp4)

I want to do mix these sources and stream to YouTube.

I can grab the shoutcast stream with “stream files” (example:
I can grab the video with vod. (example: rtmp: //0 .0. 0.0 :1935/videosVOD / mp4:videoname.mp4)
And connecting to application with liverepeater setting. ( i am not sure about this method.)
I am mixing with ModuleAVMix plugin these sources…

But video has glitch & break.
I tried StreamPublisher method but not useful. (Playlist.)
Because I need more applications for radios. (multiple radios)

How can I do it? Thanks.