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How to monitor Wowza Engine Servers centrally

Hi everyone,

In Wowza Engine 4, I can monitor Wowza Server 's status such as WOWZA CPU Performance, RAM, heapsize, Network, HDD,… by using Engine Manager website. However, on every website, I just only monitor one server.

How can I monitor all of my Wowza Server centrally on one Website, or combine Monitoring feature of Wowza Engine Manager with other monitor softwares such as Cacti?

Thank all.


There are a number of options available, some with Wowza specific hooks and others where you would need to build your own. Note that we don’t endorse any third party monitoring offering.

  • WMSPanel

  • Willow

  • Cacti. You would need to create your own Wowza specific scripts to capture stats. These are available either via the JMX interface, log parsing, or by querying the Wowza Admin interface, e.g. http://[WOWZA-SERVER]:8086/connectioncounts, etc.

  • Zabbix. Similarly to Cacti you would need to create your own stats collecting scripts.

There are no doubt others out there and maybe some users who have implemented these or others will chime in.

Kind regards,