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How to name a stream dinamically


I need a help to resolve an issue here. It is as follows:

I need to capture the request parameters coming from a flash player (url) before the creation of the stream, the Wowza is using the url sent to name the stream.

In fact, the need is to retrieve the request string before the Wowza assign this value to the stream and to name the stream dynamically.

I’m using jwplayer and this is how I’m accessing the wowza application.


Loading the player…


The wowza is creating the stream named “dvr=portaria,id=62,cam=1,tipo=PRINCIPAL”, when in fact, these are the parameters I need to use in the application.

I have not found a way to capture the parameters before the stream creation and name the stream with another name.

Any tips on how to do this?

PS. Sorry for the english! =)


Do it like this

file: "rtmp://localhost/minhaapp?dvr=portaria&id=62&cam=1&tipo=PRINCIPAL"

Then follow this guide to extract and parse the querystring


Hi Victor,

You need Eclipse with the Wowza IDE addon.

And take a look at the Wowza IDE guide. This guide is a little out-dated with references to the stand-alone Wowza IDE (which is no longer available) and Wowza 3 paths, but it is still the essential guide to implementing Wowza application Modules, HTTPProviders and ServerListeners


This guide (as below) shows how to do what you want to do in an Application Module, using the Wowza API onConnect() method.


Hi Richard,

I did the settings as the tutorial, but I did not understand how to implement com.example.MyCustomClass class to extract the parameters.

Do you have an example?

Thanks Richard,

I need just a light to find the way.

Can I use a Wowza interface to extract the parameters? Is there one that i can use?

Or what’s event method where I can intercept the url data?

I’m so new on Wowza. Do you have a clue?