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How to notify Web API that a stream has started?

Hey guys, new to WOWZA and we’re switching our whole transcoding system over.

How do we notify our web api that a stream has started to transcode? I see some OnConnect function and I thought that I’d be able to do it there, but the documentation is sparse. Our users are using OBS to broadcast and they’re sending a Stream Key along with their request, so I was wondering where I could grab that information, then ping my backend API and let the backend know that one of our users has tried to stream.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (links, tutorials, I can’t seem to find the right thing).

I have done something same yours. My model has a web server and a wowza server

Web server: I wrote a class as a web service (Servlet or REST) to listen data from Wowza server.

Wowza server: I wrote a class extends ModuleBase, implement method

onConnect(IClient client, RequestFunction function, AMFDataList params)

and get information I need from arguments. After that I send them to my web service by http client.

View http client examples at


You can use event listeners in Wowza to detect when streams are published. You can then build in another class to trigger a notification to your web API.