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how to optimize connections speed


i have a problem related to i guess connections speed: i’m providing a web conferencing service. As a result, there are sometimes many hundreds or thousands people trying to connect in a very short period of time (let’s say in 10min, people connect to the room when the webinard is supposed to start, u see the picture :slight_smile:

i’ve already set up a http load balancing to take care of the http requests, but then during the peaks it can take quite a long time for users to actually get connected (rtmp connections from flashplayer)

so i’m looking for a way to optimize this part (as edge / origin might not solve the problem, as the origin will anyway handle all incoming connections before forwarding, well, i guess…and anyway edge / origin is not possible now for some reasons)

i’m thinking first of disabling logging, (not a big deal hu :), do you think this action would improve general performances on logging ? and what other options would you advice me ?

thank you for your help


Are you only delivering RTMP as an output type? If you haven’t done so already you could look at disabling the HTTP packetizers on the origin and edges.