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How to pass filename to record via REST API

Hi. I’m trying to pass in a filename via the REST API via curl that Wowza should use when it records the stream being requested. I’ve tried “baseFile”: “thefilename.mp4” and “currentFile”: “thefilename.mp4”, but both revert to the name of the stream as it is in Wowza. So, for example, instead of recording the file as thefilename.mp4, it records as

Is there a different element that I should pass in to set the filename?

Thank you

Please post the code you have so far (or dump it in a text file an attach it, if it’s a lot of code)

curl -X POST
-H ‘Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8’
-H ‘Content-Type:application/json; charset=utf-8’
-d ’
“instanceName”: “”,
“fileVersionDelegateName”: “”,
“serverName”: “”,
“recorderName”: “cam22.stream_aac”,
“currentSize”: 0,
“segmentSchedule”: “”,
“startOnKeyFrame”: true,
“outputPath”: “”,
“currentFile”: “cam22_031122.mp4”,
“recordData”: false,
“applicationName”: “”,
“moveFirstVideoFrameToZero”: false,
“recorderErrorString”: “”,
“segmentSize”: 0,
“defaultRecorder”: false,
“splitOnTcDiscontinuity”: false,
“version”: “”,
“baseFile”: “”,
“segmentDuration”: 0,
“recordingStartTime”: “”,
“fileTemplate”: “”,
“backBufferTime”: 0,
“segmentationType”: “”,
“currentDuration”: 0,
“fileFormat”: “”,
“recorderState”: “”,
“option”: “”

Also replaced “currentFile” with “baseFile”, but got the same results.

Try to add parameter outputFile or else try to specify the filename in outputPath. You may also use fileTemplate and fill in something like "cam22_${RecordingStartTime}"

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