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How to pass params to Server Side Module Code?

I’m looking at the onConnect code for Wowza Server side programing, and see that it has a “AMFDataList params” input variable… How would I pass params in?

I notice in the Wowza IDE User Guide (1.0, 2007)that it says:

" The “Custom Method” section is used to create a single custom method that

is directly callable from your client side code (“doSomething”, null);). Once

the class file is created, you can easily add more custom methods by creating more methods that

follow this same call signature. This process is discussed in more detail in the “Creating a Custom

Module” chapter of the User’s Guide.


But I’m not sure about the “NetConnection” part…is this supposed to be something iphone/flash/etc client has internally? Or am I supposed to write a second java client between the device and the server? Is there no way to include http params in the url used to play the connection, i.e. something like: rtsp://[wowza-address]:1935/rtplive/

Not only that, I don’t know what “User’s Guide” the User Guide is referring to. They later mention "Creating a Custom Module” sections of the Wowza Media Server Pro “User’s Guide” , but that’s not helping much, either (“Pro” sounds like 1.0 Wowza, I’m not seeing a “Pro” version currently being offered). I’m not seeing any similar document on the Wowza website (only the link to the User Guide I already have).

Is it possible to pass params to Wowza, and if so, do I have to do it internally in the device I’m trying to view streams with, or is it something that can be passed with http params?

It’s like this for example:


See this post:


This is Flash Actionscript code for connecting to Wowza.


In this case it is to a Wowza application named “vod”

This is server-side code from a Wowza module, which is Java:

String userName = getParamString(params, PARAM1);
String password = getParamString(params, PARAM2);

The Actionscript line is connecting to Wowza, and passing two parameters, the Java code is extracting those parameters, that would be in the onConnect handler. So this Flash to Wowza.

But this is Flash specific, on the server-side too. I…e., the onConnect handler only runs when a Flash client makes a NetConnection.

When an IPhone connects to Wowza you can catch it with onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate, and you can extract Querystring:

public void onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate(HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino session) {
		String querystring = session.getStream().getQueryStr();

And you can pass querystring to Wowza from IPhone in the HTTP url something like this:



Yes, you can use rtmp connect like this:


And in onConnect do this:

String querystring = client.getQueryStr();


I’m…not exactly sure how what you directed me to helps…or how what you told me to do helps.



looks like java code. Does that mean I have to code a client in java?

The other post was about learning to pass information back to the client using Java, it looks like(I want to go the other direction…) I do see that it shows how to GET params


String userName = getParamString(params, PARAM1);

String password = getParamString(params, PARAM2);


But that isn’t my issue, how does the iphone or flash client know how to GIVE params? (i.e. does the client hit a different url than the default?)

Here’s a sample use case:

I have wowza running, it is streaming a mpeg-ts. An iphone or flash player (out of my control, can’t modify clients) connects to Wowza, passing in a parameter detailing user information.

How would I do this?

Thanks! Is there no way to pass strings in the url from flash, like you can with iphone?