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How to play back videos as mp4 on Wowza Streaming Cloud after live streaming end?

Hi there,

I want to know how to playback stream after streaming end before go for a paid subscription.

Hi Prashant,

You can record with Wowza Streaming Cloud, but you will need to host the mp4 somewhere like Wowza Streaming Engine for playback after the stream.

Here is more information about recording streams -

In addition to what Amara has shared @prashant jha on how to record and store them, please know you can scale the playback of your stored mp4s even if you stored them In Google Cloud, AWS or some other third party storage. You can “pull the stored mp4s” and distribute them for playback using Wowza’s MediaCache.

Hi @Amara Graham,

Could you please let know the steps to how to host mp4 somewhere?

That is outside out scope of support for Streaming Cloud and is what you choose and configure on your own.

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