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How to play live stream on Android and Blackberry?

Hi all,

I have a Wowza setup to stream live video (in H.264 format) and it worked perfectly on the iPhone by simply using a browser to point to


What is the best way to play the same stream on an Android and Blackberry? Do I need to create a web page on the Wowza server and embed a rtsp link and ask Android/Blackerry users to visit the page and click on the link?

Any easier way to accomplish this?



i have the same question, any one has an answer here

You will need a RTSP link in a web page.


This form:



First, be sure you are using Wowza or higher.

Just upgrading if necessary might be enough. Otherwise it is most likely an issue with UDP ports. Follow this guide:


Depending on the Android platform, it may require an external media player that has been registered in the browser as the handler for RTSP.

My Android device (Nexus One) doesn’t understand rtsp:// and tries to convert the URL to



First try to get your application working with the example players included with Wowza, such as: [Wowza]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming/clientOSMF/bin-release/LiveOSMFPlayer.html

I tried and just heard white noise, no video.

i’m trying to stream to android and blackberry

i can’t get it to work…

can you please help

The stream is currently active

Now Playing:: Live Streaming

Connections: 1/500

Bitrate Limit: 256Kbps

rtmp direct link: rtmp://

rtsp direct link: rtsp://

I need the link that could we use in an android application to access the stream

ok I could use this link in application like real player but when i use it in android i m receiving this message

unable to play media clip

any idea why