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How to post a job

Guidelines for Posting Job Requests

The purpose of this section of the forum is to allow users to to solicit paid help by posting their requirements, budget, and timescales for custom development or other specific work. Independent consultants can then provide feedback or private quotes along with contact links if they are interested in the job.

Note: The forum is NOT the proper place to post technical support questions. Ask technical support questions on the Wowza Media Server forums.


Select one of the categories in the Find a Consultant forum.

[*]To post a job, select “Post New Thread”

Note: Any requests for work MUST include the following in the request and failure to follow these guidelines and the Terms of Use may result in the post being deleted.

[*]Fill in “Title” with a one line description of your job.

[*]Fill in the body of the message with the following:

  • Detailed description of work request

    This should include as much information as you can provide.

  • Operating System in use

    Provide as much detail as you can. For example, there a numerous flavors of Linux and 32/64bit combinations. Specifying what you are using will help any consultant understand your environment.

  • Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements

    In addition to the Wowza specific work, provide any additional information pertaining to integration to other services that are part of your workflow.

  • Timescales/Delivery date

    Provide an expected delivery timescale for the project. This should not be ‘tomorrow’ or ‘24 hours’ as it may take time for consultants to view/provide quotes for the work. Allow time for setup, implementation and testing.

  • Budget

    If you have a budget, you can include that information (hourly rate range and/or a total budget range). Consultants typically expect the work to be a minimum of one day’s work.

    Expect members of the Consultant user group to respond with their website URL for more information about their experience and their contact information. Viewing previous posts by the Consultant in the Wowza Media Server forums will also provide experience background. Negotiation and contract details are to be discussed outside of the forum posts. You can enable receiving emails and private messages by clicking on “Settings” in the upper right hand corner, then go to the “My Settings” box and select “General Settings”.