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How to publish a video file as a live stream

I have made all the changes as mentioned in the article “

  1. Please tell me what i have to do next to check its working . I mean how i can see the output playback ?

and it possible to live stream a video file using webrtc in the same way as shown in the above Article ?

I resolved it by my own.

And how did you fixed that ?

I am trying to do the same.


All right, I have it also working. I had to properly follow the article.

any solution how to check the same?

No way to do that with WebRTC at this time.

Which are you trying to check @ankur jain? Since a couple things are being discussed above. The video file as a live stream? Or doing that through WebRTC? You can’t play a video file right now as live through WebRTC.

This video has been updated since this original post: