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How to pull a stream from FMS to Wowza

I want to pull the stream from FMS to wowza.

FMLE publishing the stream to FMS server

rtmp://FMS Server/live/mystream

Now, how the Wowza pull the stream from FMS:

(i.e)I want FMS live application as liveorigin

and wowza live application as liveedge

How to start over this?

Take a look at this tutorial


You’re reading it wrong, because that is what this does. The stream has to be unprotected.


Did you start the stream in the StreamManager? What do you see in the Wowza console when you do that?

In the player playback with:

Server: rtmp://[wowza-address]/live


Cool. Thanks for reporting back the solution.

Guys, how to pull rtmp secure stream ?

For example .stream file rtmp:// works fine

But other - .stream file (secure stream) i cant pull: rtmp://

I able to play link: rtmp:// with VLC player

any help ?

I followed that link, But there they publish the stream directly to wowza server.

I want to publish the stream directly to FMS server and pull the stream from fms to wowza

Thank you Richard,

I have one more doubt about stream manager…after clicking start receiving stream,a message displays “publish stream successfully started[live_/definst]”.Eventhough Stream manager didn’t access my camera, it publish the it is possible…plz make me clear as a new one to use streammanager

Now i understand what said in…such-as-Akamai

I followed that link exactly.I can view the FMS stream with rtmp://FMS server address/live/livestream,But couldn’t view the FMS restream with rtmp://wowza address/live/ in [install-dir]/examples/livevideostreaming/live.html.

my content in file is exactly the FMS url- rtmp://FMS server address/live/livestream.And i am sure that my file is in .stream extension.

Then What i did wrong? Why i couldn’t view the FMS restream via wowza…

Anybody plz help me…Thanks

Thank you Randoll,

After see my wowza console, I understood that the stream is stopped…

Now problem solved…

Thanks all…

After a long time, one problem arise in pulling stream from FMS and playing in wowza. Please help me to clear this.

If I stop publishing stream in FMS and again start publishing stream from FMS, then I have to do the same in stream manager also , by stop and again start receiving the stream in order to receive the stream…

I want the stream manager should receive the stream and eventhough the publishing stream is stopped and started.