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How to re stream http in android APP with playback security ?

Hi, WOWZA community. I would like to share a little bit about the project before coming to the main point. We have an android APP (recently developed) for the live streaming. APP is managed by web-based back end panel where, categories, channels, channels logos and channels URLs can be added. we can play any http://server:8080… URL in the android app (but cannot m3u8 link) by adding it into the web-based back end panel. Everything is fine to some extent. However, we were worried about playback security. Then. we found wowza, got trail version and generated re streaming environment. However, main questions are; 1. can we add multiple streams into wowza server in one step ? 2. If wowza generate my all stream URLs with playback security, how these URLs will work in the web-based back end panel of android app (android app is fetching all channel logos and URLs form this panel) ?