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How to recording and playing back videos as mp4 on Wowza Streaming Cloud

Hi there,

We used Wowza last year, set up on our server, and it worked really well.

I could record streams to mp4 and we could play them back.

This year we’re moving to the Cloud version of Wowza, and whilst I can seem to record and play back a live stream using the (Flash) test suite I set up last year, I can’t work out how to record them.

  • In the control panel settings I have “record stream” checked

  • In my flash app, I connect, then publish using the following code: stream.publish(‘mp4:’ + streamName, ‘record’);

  • Whilst I did see one recording in the “Recordings” list, I can’t seem to do any more, and nor could I play it. I could download it, but again, it wouldn’t play anything

  • If I swap rtmp:// for http:// and attempt to build a URL to a recorded mp4 file, I just see “Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Monthly Edition build14521” but no video file

    Can anyone help us here?




Currently VOD playback of mp4 files, recorded from live or otherwise, is not supported in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

This may be possible in the future, but currently there is no time frame for implementation.


Is this answer still applicable today or the feature to play a recorded live stream is now supported?

Hello @Matteo Palmieri,

Currently, the workflow still requires the recorded MP4 to be downloaded and uploaded either to a VOD service like Vimeo or to your own deployment of Wowza Streaming Engine.

We are continuing to improve the feature set of Wowza Cloud, however, I have no timeline to provide you on VOD playback from Wowza Cloud.

relevant references:

Record live streams and transcoders in Wowza Streaming Cloud

Record live streams in Wowza Streaming Cloud

Wowza Streaming Cloud release notes

I do hope this clarifies.


Mac Hill

Wowza Support Engineer

Hi Darren,

Can we play the recorded stream now? I mean to say after live streaming stopped will it available later to play.

Wowza Streaming Cloud does not yet support VOD or playback of mp4s. It is on the roadmap though for 2020, but no ETA.

Right now, you can record your live streams in Cloud, store them in Cloud at an additional cost until you store them elsewhere like AWS bucket or a third party storage.

To play the recorded stream:

Some people use our MediaCache to pull the mp4 assets from Engine or Google Cloud, AWS and play them back in Streaming Engine and even scale them using CDN distribution. You have a lot of options @prashant jha as far as how to access the mp4s for playback in VOD. Here are some articles for you:

Hi @Mac Hill,

How can the recorded video will be uploaded to the cloud or deploy of Wowza Streaming Engine?

Is there any automated way to do this?

You have too many posts for the same topic and it will confuse people searching the forums @prashant jha. This was answered above in green and that link will show you some options on where to upload your recorded streams.

This was also answered here- please check my answer in this post under the accepted answer in green:

For Cloud:

you can use a downloaded MP4 recording for later streaming as a video asset through a platform outside of Wowza Streaming Cloud. This is outside our scope of Cloud support. You need to download and upload the recordings to a Cloud storage of your choice.

For Engine:

If you are looking for an automated way to upload recorded streams in Engine, I will point you to this additional article:

And as I mentioned in the other post, if you want to access your mp4s you recorded from Cloud and deploy them for playback, research MediaCache for Streaming Engine. Your VOD options in Engine are far greater than in Cloud at this time. There is a lot to read, but these are the resources you need to answer your questions.

Hope this helps clear it up a bit for you!

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