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How to reinstall on a new computer?

I’m using version 4.6, and I’m trying to get version 4.8.5 right for my new computer. In what order should you proceed at this time?

  1. Upgrade version 4.6 to 4.8.5 and migrate.
  2. others…

Thank you for asking @Keunseok_Ryu and I’d like to strongly encourage you to submit a support ticket for this. The reason is there were some breaking changes that were introduced in Engine 4.7.8 and applies to the newer version 4.8.5 as well.

If you’re updating from an early version of Wowza Streaming Engine, the breaking changes we made will disrupt functionality if you don’t take steps to address them.

You can read about the changes here and again, I advise for such a big upgrade, you submit a ticket to have an engineer assist and make sure nothing breaks.

And yes you can upgrade right to 4.8.5 from 4.6, but again you need to upgrade the Java version correctly and other programs that I linked to in that article for Engine 4.8.5 to work.