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How to reload wowza SSL after renew without restart of server

Hi everyone.

I am usng letsencript SSL that need to renew on each 3 months. My question is how to reload the renewed SSL without restart the wowza to prevent users disconnection from the player?

Hello @Cesar Fernandes I did check with our engineers and at this time, it would require the restart. But what we would suggest is to schedule some sort of maintenance window during the slowest time for your streaming schedule and playback… it should only require 5 minutes or less.

If that solution is not satisfactory for your streaming needs, please send us a support ticket and the engineers can take a closer look at your use case.

Another option to consider @Cesar Fernandes is using the free SSL certificate option through Wowza called StreamLock. That certificate is good for 12 months. It’s up to you and you’d still have to schedule some time to make that switch in Engine and restart the server, but it may be worth looking into. Here’s some more info for you on it.

OK thanks.

Sure thing…