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How to rename live or vod .ts extension from .m3u8 playlist?

I have a transmission, and I would like to customize the .ts extension to any other name, I would like to know how I could do this, I believe there is a way, but I am not finding it or remembering it now.

Can you provide more detail on your overall goal here?

.ts and .m3u8 are required for HLS as a filetype, but if you want to change the .ts part, then you will want to change the NAME.ts name part only.

Are you trying to change the playback type or just the name?

just the name, just de extension.
my application would not suffer problems with this change, it would just be aesthetic.

I see, thank you.

You can calculate the chunk ID based on timecodes, but we are not finding a way to customize the chunk name entirely as we rely on the naming to put them in order in the manifest. Timecode:

You can try cupertinoCalculateChunkIDBasedOnTimecode

Maybe someone else in here has a trick they can share.

Not 100% sure but i believe if you have an option to urlrewrite/remap like apache .htaccess allows then you can trick the browser to request one name which actually fetches another file from the server. This technique usually works for making file names and URLs pretty. For java servers, Tucky’s URL rewrite mod is used.

You need to do some exploring on your own here.

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