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how to send stream toTV using OTT box

hi everybody

I have one question regarding sending stream to TV by using OTT using wowza.

I have 4k video on a server with wowza streaming engine, I want to stream those videos to tv via OTT box, which I do not know how to do, can anybody help me with.

Thank you very much!

Hello @duc pham, we do support streaming from Engine to OTT boxes, but we do not have a general workflow. It would depend on which type of OTT box you are streaming to. I can provide you with a few examples:



thanks you ,I tried using chrome cast to stream to TV but still not. Here you can make a video stream specific instructions on the TV via the OTT chrome box.

Hey @duc pham, the only supported workflow I have for this right now is this:

I still do not understand why I gave the video up to see the testplay section of the wowza software, which I can not bring out the ott box to project onto the TV. AI can help me understand this issue.

We don’t have a way of knowing without checking your workflow, so if you can kindly submit a support ticket, we’ll get this worked out with you. Thanks @duc pham for reaching out.