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How to send Wowza webrtc the desired resolution?

Although it has passed resolutions of 1080p always wowza transmit 640x480.

Partial code .js

wsURL                      = $('#sdpURL').val();
streamInfo.applicationName = $('#applicationName').val();
streamInfo.streamName      = $('#streamName').val();
videoBitrate               = $('#videoBitrate').val();
audioBitrate               = $('#audioBitrate').val();
videoFrameRate             = $('#videoFrameRate').val();
userAgent                  = $('#userAgent').val().toLowerCase();


video: {
    width     :  {exact: $('#width').val()},
    height    :  {exact: $('#heigth').val()},
    frameRate :  $('#videoFrameRate').val(),
    facingMode: "environment",


That sounds like a browser issue, rather than a wowza problem. Depending on the browser, capture device, and the capabilities of the machine and network, the browser may reduce resolution on its own.

The chrome and firefox notes suggest that there may be future support for defining degradation preferences (quality vs. resolution vs. framerate), but as things are now the browsers make those decisions on their own.

In chrome you can inspect the webrtc-internals info to see if the browser is limiting resolution.

Thank you. Firefox acted as expected delivering desired quality and resolution. Chrome has limited the resolution.