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How to separate applications?

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we have 2 applications and each should have its own streams. But under Applications the streams from both applications are displayed together.

Is there any way to achieve the separation, for example add another server? Would this require another Wowza license or is it possible without another one?

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How are you pushing/pulling your streams to the server? The application name is part of the URL in case of Push; while in case of Pull you specify the application that the stream must be pulled into when connecting to the Stream File. Once that’s done properly, each stream shows up under its own application in the Streaming Engine Manager.

When I create streams in application A, the same are also in application B.
If you connect streams from application A, then they are also only in application A, as you write.
I want to define streams that are only in application A and only in application B.

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You mean when you create .stream files? Indeed .stream files are application-independent. First when you connect to a .stream file, you choose which application you want to use and at that moment the stream will show up under Incoming Streams for e.g. application A, but they won’t be under Incoming Streams for application B.

If you want to separate the .stream files, then you can set up separate storage folders for the Application. The default storage folder for an application is /content, but you could e.g. set it to /content/applicationName, and then put the .stream files in the designated folder. image

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Thank you very much. This is what I was looking for.