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How to set up un Debian ffmpeg as a transcoding and wowza as streaming server

Hello everyone,

I will be extremely if some one could help me. My problem look as follows:

I want to use one server for transcoding purpose, for transcoding I use ffmpeg. Server OS is Debian sqeezy x64.

The incoming stream is rtp://

Video format is h.264

audio Mpeg1.

Transcoding server ip are: - through this interface I plan that stream will come to server. -through this interface stream will leave the transcoding server and will go to the Wowza streaming server.

Here is the code that i used for tanscoding:

ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -bufsize 1000 -i rtp:// -b 500 -r 50 -s sxga -acodec aac -vcodec h264 udp://

But i don’t get any result, I’m tring to view the obtained stream with vlc:

I’m doing as follows:


also I’m tring to look that stream that was streamed on wowza:

rtsp://wowzaip:1935/live/ is stored on the content folder and it is having the following content:


Also I was trying to use and instead of but still no result at all.

Thank you in advance

Hi radiocom,

The info we have on ffmpeg is in the FFmpeg Tutorial.

I suggest outputting RTMP to Wowza. For questions regarding 3rd-party tools it’s probably best to look to their support resources. Also remember that your software version, OS version, and log output is key when submitting a support request.