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How to set webrtc port to 444

how to set webrtc port to 444

man ->

if possible

print XML

i’m need like

Because 443 is the port we use by default, you’ll need to edit and remove port 443 bound to your SSl, instead add port 444 and configure it with your SSL certificate. You can leave 443 commented in the xml and then the easiest way to do this is go into Engine Manager under the Server Tab at the top, go to the left navigation bar and click on Virtual Host setup, click edit and enter 444 as the port and delete the host port 443 with your SSL.

If you already followed the instructions here to configure your SSL cert to port 443, just delete that port in the Manager, refollow the steps and enter 444 with that same SSl cert.

MAKE SURE you restart the Engine server ( you can click on the ‘restart server’ button in upper right in Engine Manager when under the Server tab.)

When you restart the server, this change will automatically take effect in the xml files.

Then when you enter your signaling url, you will need to enter it as you showed with the port 444 instead of 443.


(That is an example string above of numbers and characters before ‘’, you would enter your own private streamlock info. )