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How to setup multiple Edge Servers / Multi Transcoding / HD SVC / nDVR

Hi, I’m looking for a reasonable consultant that charges normal prices for begginers

I want to set up a streaming solution that can handle multiple users at the same time without shutting down the server or freezing it. I was told to do Edge servers, where I have a main server and the rest would take care of the balancing according to load and region.

Also I want to be able to provide multi-bit rate or transcoding like youtube, so the video or stream can adapt to the user internet on their cellphones and wont stop, and also (maybe) DVR if I dont require a bunch of servers.

I want to start with maybe two or three servers and keep adding as I grow so users can be able to connect to the stream without interruptions. At the present time I only have a huge server.

At the moment I have only a few customers (15) and I offer low budget streaming to small Spanish churches. Last I would like that each customer that streams with me, when their stream is offline they can have a video or image looping untill the streams starts again.

Please let me know if you can be of any help

Thank you,