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How to ship all streams to CDN

Hi, we’re building a streaming web platform (similar to twitch but on a smaller scale). Our platform will allow any user to start a stream and share with viewers live, where feed should be distributed through a CDN.

Doing POC, I’m assuming each user will start a stream named after their user, and that stream will be processed and pushed to CDN by Wowza Engine. I have not figured out how to push all streams to CDN though, it looks like Stream Target function requires explicit Stream Name, how do I push ALL?

Is Wowza Engine the right solution to support this requirement? Thanks in advance!

Stream targets are stream name dependent @Alexey Volochenko. You’d to need to use the REST API or Java API to build and create them as each user uploads if you won’t know the stream name.

Thanks for your feedback, ill take a look at the api.