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How to solve wowza cloud streaming idle issue ?

Hello Wowza,

I’m implementing a “paid wowza cloud streaming service” using “WowzaGoCoderSDK.framework” into my app and used wowza cloud rest API for creating, start, stop, state check streaming in my app.

My question is :

I will start streaming through API and response will
[“live_stream”: {

state = starting;


After I check the streaming status through API and response will be

[“live_stream”: {

"ip_address" = “Stream IP Address”;

state = started;


but the streaming state is started than display this error every time.

SDK Wowza State Error:-> Status is idle, error is “An error occurred when trying to connect to host:” (code = 15)

How can I solve this issue?

Have you tried it with authentication turned on and off?

Also, did you configure your settings already to start the stream in Cloud like port, IP/ host address and stream name? If so, where did you do this?

Also. most likely, your DNS is not getting propagated fast enough for your api workflow. Check that the dns name you are using for your host is resolving (by sending a ping request); or use the ip_address returned in your api response.

Let us know how it goes. Thanks

Hello Rose,

Parameter for create new streaming :
“aspect_ratio_height”: 320,

“aspect_ratio_width”: 240,

“broadcast_location”: “us_west_california”,

“encoder”: “wowza_gocoder”,


and authentication used for only video encodeing process.

But I’m used only audio broadcasting and Streaming paid wowza cloud service.

=> I was used below parameter for goCoder Configure, by Live_Stream API response

config.hostAddress = host address

config.portNumbe = 1935

config.application = application name

config.streamName = stream name

config.username = username

config.password = password

config.audioBitrate = 64000

config.audioSampleR = 44100

config.audioChannel = 2

config.videoEnabled = false

config.audioEnabled = true

So, you have video enabled to false. Are you trying to stream audio only then?

Yes, I trying to only audio broadcasting/ Streaming