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How to split the video streaming screen to display different content


I am using wowza to stream classroom lectures online I am using jwplayer to view the live stream. Is it possible for me to stream powerpoint presentation into split screen i.e half screen would display the classroom and half the screen would show the ppt.

I have read somewhere that the desktop screen can be streamed. Can some one please guide me to how to switch the streaming source (webcam & desktop) on the fly.

Thank You



In order to switch between different live sources in one live stream you can use a custom Wowza module to dynamically create, setup and start live Stream class streams from static and live sources, and add sources to the running stream. Please take a look at this article describing how you can use such a module:

A simpler approach would be to have the source switching and/or side-by-side presentation done on encoder side. You can use the Wirecast encoder to achieve this type of output as these features are available when using this encoder. -