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How to Stop an ongoing stream using HTTPprovider ?


I want to stop an ongoing stream using HTTPprovider. So that from an external script I can control that. Please, advice.

Actually I want to restrict unwanted stream from being publish.




You may find the following article helpful as it describes how to “ban” streams in session.



Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your great help. But still HTTP://[wowza-ip]:8086/ban showing only Server version. These are the following steps I followed.

  1. I download from and put wms-plugin-collection.jar file at /lib

  2. Add com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.serverlistener.ServerListenerBanStreams at Server > Server Setup > Server Listener

  3. Don’t want to keep ban list so I had not those properties at Application’s propertiey panel.

  4. then I add




at /conf/VHost.xml

then restart the server, but still not working. I think, I made some mistake. Please help (I am using Wowza 4.2)

Thank you


p.s. I fixed I put the HTTPProvider after HTTPServerVersion. now I just put that before HTTPServerVersion and its working just fine :). Thank you.

Hi Projjwal,

If you are seeing the Server version when calling http://[wowza-ip-address]:8086/ban URL, then your HTTPProviderBanStreams is likely in the incorrect order.

Make sure that you have this HTTPProvider as the last in the list:


This is the catch-all for all URL requests. Any HTTPProvider added after this entry will not be recognized.