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How to stream a H.265 IP Camera stream to WebRTC in H.265 format?


We have been ingesting H.264 IP camera stream in RTSP format and consuming WebRTC streams in our applications.
Now we have a requirement where H.265 RTSP streams are to be ingested in Wowza and we should get H.265 WebRTC stream.
By reading the docs, I understood that currently Wowza does not support H.265 WebRTC streams. (Any ETA when this would be supported in Wowza?) What are out options currently?

Do we need to transcode the incoming H.265 stream to H.264 and then consume it as WebRTC? any other suggestions?

Wowza already supports h265 ingest I believe. The real issue is you are expecting WebRTC to support h265. I don’t thing that is a part of WebRTC standards. So yes you will need to go from h265 to h264 if you want WebRTC to work for you.