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How to stream a playlist of videos from Wowza to an external Player using one rmtp link

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my name is Abs, i have just started using Wowza Streaming Engine and found it very interesting to extend my project. However, i needed help to test some of the features and see if they will work for my project before finally buying the license.

I have some videos in my content folder on the Microsoft Server where I installed the Wowza Streaming Engine. Now I want play all the videos on an external player using one rmtp link. How can i configure Wowza to be able to stream those videos one after another using one URL.

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Look into use the StreamPublisher module. This allows you to create a playlist from your VOD content and stream it back as a single “Live” stream. See the following article for more info:

How to schedule streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine StreamPublisher

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