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How to stream images sent by server/application

Greetings Wowza team!

I hope that I am addressing my question to the right topic, if not please help me in it.

We are using Wowza Cloud services with custom video player.

I would like to know how can we stream from a source that sends images at a custom frame rate?

What we would like to achieve:

  • We will receive n images from a single source sent by server/application.
  • The images will be categorized like a, b, c, d (source)
  • Run scheduled live streams from a single computer or by using the cloud API
  • Create more streams at the same time according to the number of categories: stream a, stream b, stream c, etc…
  • Video stream updates when new image received (it will update every 2-5-10 secs)

Is there a documentation or process how can we receive images as input and stream them?

How can we automatize this? Which API should we use for this? Can we run more streams from a single source?

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards,