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How to stream multiple VOD files like one?

I have mp4 files recorded in the wowza content folder in chronological order.
I can stream them to each user, but I want to stream these files like ‘one’ VOD file. After reading the wowza manual, I found a way to organize VOD files into playlists and stream them like TV shows.

But it’s not a perfect solution for me. Users may want to use the controller to select a specific time zone on the screen. However, in these cases, these are separate split VOD files, so you can only move them to VOD, which is the current playback time. I came up with some solutions, but they weren’t perfect.

(ex: Use FFmpeg to concatenate vod files and provide them to users .But too slow)

Is there a way to merge VOD files into Wowza and provide them as one? Or is it only possible with a playlist? I’d appreciate your help.

Hello there, I understand what it is you’re trying to do and it can be done, but it may require a bit of additional tricky configuring. You’re on the right track with the playlist and the schedule. You can also adjust the start and stop times for streaming those vod files and link them together with the Loop Until Live module as well. You have a couple of different ways to approach this. That module can piece together mp4s and run them back to back. The idea is to do that until an encoder starts a live stream, but some people use it just to loop the mp4s in a playlist without ever switching to a live steam.

Take a look at this for modifying the start and stop times of the pre-recorded files.

I encourage you to reach out through a support ticket to have an engineer work directly with you. It can be done like I said, but if you run into any issues, we’d like to help get it running just the way you need it to.

There may also be 3rd party plug-ins that can help you or you can ask someone to develop this for you. Send a request in the “Hire a consultant” forums so that external parties can send you their offer.