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How to switch a VoD stream to Live Stream automatically?

Hi guys, I’m new here and I’m trying to do a similar app to work like platform…

We already have our own VoD portal using MediaCore integrated with Wowza to stream content to any screen…

Now, I’m looking how to switch from a “playlist based/linear tv” to a “live stream” automatically when I publish our program on Wirecast software…and…when our program had finished, this app have to reload/restart the playlist, or maybe continue from last video…:stuck_out_tongue:

Livestream Platform do it, and I guess Wowza can do it too, but I can’t find nothing like this on forums or articles… (or I can’t understood ) :confused:

If someone can help or give me a direction, I appreciate this…thanks

You can build this around the Stream Class API, but there is no one example that meets all these requirements. Here are the examples we have for Stream class:

I think all 3 of the above will be interesting to you.

There is nothing built-in for parts of what you describe, but this is my suggestion.


Should be a cinch.


Hi Richard, thanks for your quick reply!

Well, it look’s like will be a lot of code to develop it, and I’m not an expert…so…

I’m just thinking in a solution, maybe it’s possible, and more easy to do…, so let’s say:

Using that StreamClass Stream Controller with that modified version of Wowza Live Player, can I just retrieve my playlist content to a TileList box component [a Flash swf] or something like this, and than, when I add my live stream to my playlist it will appear in the TileList, and than I just click there, and the player switch the live stream to this clicked source…

It will do the same thing like the “Play Next Item” button, but, instead switching one by one, I can switch to my live stream with a click…

What do you say ?

Thanks for your answer.