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How to switch transcoder list?


That I have not pointed out in the logs silence…

		public void onPublish(IMediaStream stream, String streamName, boolean isRecord, boolean isAppend)
			System.out.println("onPublish[" + stream.getContextStr() + "]: isRecord:" + isRecord + " isAppend:" + isAppend); 							


Hi there.

When using System.out.println() you have to run Wowza in stand-alone mode for the message to be output to the console. It will not get written to the logs.

To write to the log file you would need to use getLogger().info(“YOUR-LOG-HERE”);

Hope this answers your question.


It is not in the log, but the fact that transcoding on the fly, I can not change … and the error logs do not give …

Me how to change the transcoder, because this team does not help but only cancels the current transcoder


By default, I adjusted myself to a specific transcoder application sheet.

But for some threads I need to use a different transcoder sheet.

How can i do this?

Аnd more please help me here

It might help if you explain what you are trying to do.

Please be as clear as possible with your explanation.



You could take a look at the ILiveStreamTranscoderNotify and ILiveStreamTranscoderActionNotify interfaces. and dynamically choose your template file. Setup the following event handlers as indicated in this post. Then you can choose the template required by leveraging the liveStreamTranscoder object within the ILiveStreamTranscoderActionNotify.onInitBeforeLoadTemplate event handler as follows: