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How to test a connection between RTMP encoder and Wowza Streaming Engine on AWS?

How can I test a connection between the RTMP encoder and Wowza Stream Engine server which is hosted on AWS? We have found that we can successfully stream 4K@30fps 12000 Kbps to our Wowza instance from a certain site on the West Coast of the US (our instance is on AWS US-West-2). However, from another site on the West Coast in California, we cannot achieve smooth streaming at that resolution/bitrate and a similar encoding machine.

Is there an easy way to determine what kind of connection an encoder client is getting to a specific WSE Server?

According to our tech support supervisor: You could likely assume it’s a first mile issue if incoming bits are lower than expected for the 12 Mbps stream.

e.g. REST API call for the incoming stream:

bytesIn should be in the 12 Mbps range: "bytesIn": 12000000,

If you get something like 6 Mbps, then you can assume there’s a first mile network issue: "bytesIn": 6000000,

If you want to check the source network bandwidth max and make streaming adjustments based on results, that will take some custom development work.