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How to transcode AAC to G.711?


I use wowza streaming engine(trial) and I would like to know if there is a way to transcode AAC to G.711.

Do I need to use wowza transcoder?

System configuration

iphone(Gocoder) → (RTMP) → wowza streaming engine →(RTP/RTSP)→ xProtect

※xProtect(Milestone systems)is Video Management Software.

Video Codec H.264, Audio Codec AAC
Video Codec H.264, Audio Codec G.711

HI Kazuo,

Wowza transcoder does not support transcoding of Audio in AAC to G.711. For detail just read this post .

I had a similar issue as our Android and iOS applications both were streaming their audio in AAC to Wowza and then to playback them to webrtc based web clients we needed them to be in webrtc codecs or PCMU or PCMA. But there is no solution of it with Wowza Gocoder. Instead I used two open source libraries for Android : libstreaming and IOS: Video-core. These libraries also streams audio in AAC only but then to solve this problem I added PCMA codec support in them. Now my both android and iOS streaming clients streams in PCMA instead of AAC and now it can be transcoded to any codec of audio you want on wowza and now we are playing our webrtc streams from wowza very well on our web clients.

Thanks and Regards

Varun Pratap Singh