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How to use built in Stream Manager

You are right. It does work with rtmp://[origin-ip-address]. Tested it just now. So I guess I messed up some place else. :slight_smile:

Quick question. Are the chunks, in the case of iPhone and Silverlight streaming, written to disk?

Cool. Didn’t think so did but wanted to make sure. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys

If I’m using a seperate Vhost and have applications running in that. How do I populate the stream manager with those applications?

I access the stream manager for the vhost like this:


Hi have five applications running in the vhost but I only pickup one in stream manager. Am I missing a basic config step to add the others?



In the alternate file structure for your vHost ensure that you have app folders in /applications/ and /conf/ and that your Application.xml files are well formed.

Greetings friends, I have a question. when you restart the server wowza I erase all the information I have on the stream manager

Examples like that is a repeater shoutcast

I wonder as I do not delete this information on a server wowza

as it is annoying to re-enter this information.

I await your response.

Thanks it worked perfectly :slight_smile: