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How to use html video player to play wowza hls live stream?

Hi, I have build a live applications. I can play live stream url 1683731700285 with VLC Player. But I can’t play the same url with Wowza Test Player. How to play live stream with html video player. It this the correct hls live stream url to play live stream with hls player?
application name: TaipeiRadio
stream name: streamkey

I have the same problem tried everything installing Streamlock etc.

I can play in safari direct link also in VLC but when I try to use any type of player, wowza test player, videojs, etc. cannot get it to load the stream.

For web-based players, try to set up and use HTTPS (SSL). Most modern browsers won’t allow you to load a resource without HTTPS.

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Can anybody tell me how to use Wowza Streaming platform…

bd15dd0925e7c5211dee, maybe best to start here:

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