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How to use javascript player's fallback flash player

I am trying to use the fallback player so that I can play streams via flash.
however, how do I change the url? or how do I pass in fallback ‘flash’ settings?

Hello @Samuel Sanchez

If you are using Wowza Player, the Flash fallback param is:
“useFlash”: true


	<script type="text/javascript">
		"title":"My Wowza Player Video",
		"description":"This is my Wowza Player Video description.",



does it not use flash by default if it can’t? or is useFlash to force it to use flash?

It will not use flash if that param is not enabled.

I enabled it and it does not seem to work. Are there specific type of feeds that will not work?
I am using a smil file with HLS.

A SMIL with HLS should work as long as the browser has flash plugin installed and enabled. Is there a reason you need to use Flash as it’s meant to be a fallback if the Javascript player can’t be loaded.