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how to use writeAppConfig ?

I want set node to “live” in Application.xml file, I use code:

IApplication app = vhost.getApplication(appName);

app.writeAppConfig(“AppType”, “live”);

The file Application.xml content is deleted ,only “live”。

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


It would be useful to have some context for what you are trying to achieve. Rewriting AppType on a running app is probably not the safest method. I believe the changes only last as long as the app is in memory so it’s not a permanent change, but maybe that’s what you’re after. Can you expand on your desired outcome and the reasons behind it? There may well be other options.


writeAppConfig(String sName, String data)

Method to write xml config file…

readAppConfig(String sName)

Method to read xml config file…

How to use these functions?