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How to WebRTC playback with JWPlayer(Wowza Engine Stream 4.8.5.)

I am currently evaluating and testing Wowza Engine Stream 4.8.5. I want to use its WebRTC playback ultra-low latency feature. I want to know how to use JWPlayer to play Wowza Webrtc video streams? Just like the Example player of Wowza WebRTC, I provide “wss://xxxxxxx/webrct-session.json” “app name” “stream name”. I don’t know how to provide this information to JWPlayer. I saw on the official Wowza website that JWPlayer is a partner of Wowza. JWPlyer should support the Wowza Webrtc playback feature. I hope Wowza will give a demo. Thank you very much!

JWPlayer doesn’t currently seem to support WebRTC, as far as I can tell -

I’ve implemented wowza WebRTC into JWPlayer. + group call options. I have it for Flowplayer and Videojs also.

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